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Communication between Q03UDV and MV-40 (Smart camera) over Ethernet

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Hi all, 

I have Q03UDV PLC mitsu & smart camera microscan - MV 40(Omron). I find the way to communication between Q03UDV and MV-40 over Ethernet but not success. 

1. MV-40 support Etherne\IP & Profinet.

2. I have a litle bit confuse ethernet build in Q03UDV support Ethernet\IP or not ?

3. Can i used socket communication build in Q03UDV to establish connection with MV-40 (Ethernet\IP) ?

i can't find any command from manual of MV-40.

4. Have any solution if i want communication between Q03UDV and MV-40 over Ethernet ?

Best regards



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Hello Ninza T.

Firstly welcome to the forum.

1. Unfortunatley the Standard Q Series does not directly support Ethernet/IP Protocol. There is a CPU 'Q12DCCPU -V' that apparently supports both protocols, however it is very expensive.

2. As above; ProfiNET is not supported on Standard Q Series, the onboard Ethernet Port on the CPU is designed for basic PLC --> PC communication and you shouldnt expect to be qble to send/ recieve any large anounts of process data.

3. Socket Communications is supported- but again not on Ethernet/IP.

4. For this point, you will need to consult your products manual. If there is compatibility; you may need to purchase a QJ71E71100 module.

You however have a number of other solutions;

i. Use the new iQR platform that directly supports ProfiNET.

ii. Stick with the Q Platform- Use a profibus master module (QJ71PB92D/V) in conjunction with a gateway such as Prosoft or Anybus. This will allow you to interface to your hardware on a ProfiNET network.

iii. If you have access to a CompactLogix or ControlLogix- these will perform this task with a simple Ethernet/IP Connection.

If you have the camera and PLC to hand- it may be worth investigating the direct compatibility first to avoid any unecessary money and investment.

Hope this Helps



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Thank collinsd70, 

Now i'm understood.:-)

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Looking through the documentation now; it would appear to be very simple to set up on an Allen Bradley system.

In terms of your options for a Profibus DP Slave --> ProfiNET IO...theres are loads of them out there which would be suitable. 

Which option would be feesable for you? 

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From the Omron web page:

MV–40: Industrial Ethernet Smart Camera
The....blah blah blah.. industry.
• IP65/67   • EtherNet/IP   • Ethernet TCP/IP   • PROFINET   • Autofocus   • Passive PoE


Ethernet TCP/IP - you should be able to use this option.  


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Looks good, from what I can test this with standard Mitsubishi Function Blocks for fixed buffer communications.

Sounds like a nice little project.

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