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hi all,

Now, I having a controller, it looks like a PLC. Its code is PUCC11, I think it is a product of Mitsubishi Electric. I want to config for that controller. But I can not find software to do it.

Can someone help me?




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I searched for all of the numbers I see at the top of the cards in the picture and was not able to find anything.  That doesn't look familiar to me from a Mitsubishi perspective.  The oldest Mitsu controller I saw was a K Series.  I thought those had tan plastic covers, though.

I did notice that the key in the PUCX11 says "idec" on it.  Have you checked with Idec to see if they know of it?

What type of machine is this on?

Do you have any other information (electrical print showing complete part numbers or pictures of the side of the unit where a manufacturer tag may be?

Now I am curious and want to know what it is.

Good luck on your search.  Please keep us posted on your progress.

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I just finished a business trip, so now I can be comeback here to discuss continue.

On top is OPS, that is Operator Computer with control interface.

Connect to down is stations CNS 1,2,3,4: use controller is CPU model PUCC11 and communication card PUCP11 connect to PLC-C1 (model Q3ACPU Mitsubishi).

Station CNS1 (PUCC11) connect and control direct Remote IO (RI) is AI (analog input), AO (analog output) use module card model AI: PKAI4A, module AO: PKAB4B.

I send for you several actual pictures. Hope to that received response from you early.

Thank you so much!





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The pictures and print are helpful to determine what you have, but I am not going to be able to help you with software.  I may be able to guide you in the right direction to get an expert involved, though.

The first picture you show is listed as "CNS" on the diagram.  When looking at the NOTES section, "MELTAS" is listed in ().  I think this should be "MELDAS" which is an acronym for Mitsubishi's CNC (computerized numerical control) division.  I cannot remember what MELDAS means, but it references the CNC division.  The PLC is referenced as "MELCEC" which (if memory serves me) stands for Mitsubishi Electric Logical Sequential Electronic Controller. 

The CNC division has technical support in the Chicago, Illinois, USA area, but that will not help you in Vietnam.  I would try to find a local technician that services Mitsubishi CNC machines.  They should be able to guide you in the right direction.

Best of luck.


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No, I don't think it relevant to CNC machine because this system don't use CNC machine.

Thanks for your helping. I will try find more.

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