Alpha AL2-24MR-D Need to measure a time?

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Feel idiotic to ask but need to use an Alpha controller AL2-24MR-D which I am programming with the SWODS-ALVLS-EU graphical software which I have used several times before to make a simple program to monitor how long a shutter is open and display it on the screen. So it might be supposed to be open for say 3.00 seconds but my input from the proximity switch which is sensing the shutter might be active for only say 2.75 seconds or 1.50 seconds or whatever. I assumed there would be a suitable timer function block but there doesn't seem to be? Any help gratefully received it's 3am and I have spent all night digging this hole ever deeper...surely there is a way to measure the time an input is on and display it in seconds and hundredths of a second?

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Well there is not time as far as I know but I attached is a small example I made where I created a delayed output using the Flicker block for the timing.
You could do something similar for you application and use the counter value to display on the screen 


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