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I am programming a system that has an OMRON CJ2M-CPU35 PLC and an NS10TV01B-V2 HMI. The CX-Programmer and CX-Designer software are on a VM I am using. I am not able to download to either the PLC or the HMI via an ethernet connection. My Host adapter is set at, PLC is set at 1 node 2 on the dial pots, HMI is set at network 1 node 2. The VM adapter is set for DHCP and NAT in the VM settings. I can Ping both the PLC and the HMI successfully from the command prompt on the VM, so I think the path is good. I can also go on the internet from the VM OS. In CX-Designer for the HMI, PT transfer settings are FINS network 1 node 2, the IP address is set to In CX-Programmer the PLC I/O transfer settings are in the I/O table the IP address is set as well as the FINS/UDP is set to IP address conversion. I could use some help with changing the Work on-line from Ethernet IP to USB and back again. I haven't found that in any of the manuals how to do that. Step by step. I don't have a lot of experience with OMRON because they are not our preferred control system. Thank you in advance for your help.

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In CX-Programmer, right click on the PLC and select Change.  Then in the Network Type, select the USB connection.

Your switches on the PLC and HMI do not set a network number and node number, they set the last byte of the IP address.  The card has one switch for its memory address and two for IP address last byte.

PLC defaults to network 1 node 1.  HMI you said is network 1 node 2, that should be fine.

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