avr(atmega8) read register D30 Fx-plc mitsubishi

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dear all.

avr(atmega8) reads D30 register Fx-plc Mitsubishi using rs232 to communication.

can u support me to explain this instruction Cmd = Chr(02) : Cmd = Cmd + "0103C02" : Cmd = Cmd + Chr(03) : Cmd = Cmd + "6C"

its writed by visual basic. I only know char(02): text start, char(03): text end  but I don't know "0103C02" and "6C". what is it mean??

pls help me, thanks so much. 

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I haven't really looked hard into your commands, but I think it is the following (you can verify it with the MC protocol manual, or FX manual):

  1. 02 - STX (Text Start)
  2. 0103C02 - Header and request ("MC" format)
  3. 03 - ETX (Text End)
  4. 6C - CRC or SumCheck

You can find a manual for MC protocol here, it's covering Q-series, but also FX series:

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