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I have an application with a ML1100 Controller which I a trying to communicate to a Kohler Generator.  The generator Talks Modbus TCP and there is a Prosoft Gateway PLC32-EIP-MBTCP.  This gateway will convert my information to Ethernet I/P but it will be in a 4x register format.  Is there a way in the ML1100 to enable Modbus TCP like the ML1400?  or can I read this with a MSG instruction. 


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Rockwell Tech Knowledgebase ID 43591 (dated 1/11/2018) says Modbus TCP is supported by ML1400 Series B, Micro820 and Micro850.

Nothing about ML1100.

There are notes with examples of ML1100 talking Modbus RTU as a master, but that's serial in nature.

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