Need help in C200H-MC221 connecting to G5 servo

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Currently, we have a machine using C200HX-CPU64 and C200H-MC221 connected to sero U-series. Now we upgrade the servo and replace set of G5-series (R88D-KT15H + R88M-K1K030T-BS2), cable between MC and driver is R88A-CPG001M1. The encoder was set to absolute 

The issue is: MC221 can read the feedback position  from driver when we rotate the motor shaft but when we set RUN command (Servo ON) to Servo lock bit n+5 (bit 09),  Busy flag n+16 (bit 01) turn on and then Task error flag n+11 (bit 00) turn on, the MC occurs error 073: ABS encoder error (ABS I/F ERR)

We tried many times but not successful.


We changed another new MC221 (downloaded all settings and programs), do the same step as above but this time MC occurs error 086: Wiring error


Does anybody have the suggestion to help us to solve this issue? This is very urgent case.


Thank you in advance.




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