FX3G PLC With Moxa ioLogik Remote IO

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Hi guys, 


Brand new here and very new to Mitsubishi PLC's.

I have a control panel with one FX3G PLC controlling 5 vacuum pumps, i want to add another 4 pumps but they are located about 100m away. 

i have been looking at remote io options for the FX3G and wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with the Moxa ioLogik Remote IO units with Mitsubishi PLCs?

if not i was thinking about another FX3G PLC with FX3U-485ADP and use Parallel Link for Master/Slave but seems a little overkill to use another PLC for simple input/outputs.

Any other ideas welcome here guys.


Thanks Phil_666

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You need to change Moxa Model from E1212 to R1212 because Ethernet Function on FX3 Series Have only Socket Communication and MC Protocol

but E1212 have only Modbus TCP and Ethernet I/P.

You should use RS-485 instead of Ethernet.

For FX3G Series you must have FX3G-CNV-ADP and connect with FX3U-485-ADP-MB (MB for Modbus)then follow this manual below.

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Thanks for that, good spot.

As mentioned i am very new to Mitsubishi but also MODBUS.

What i am thinking is to have the original FX3G as master, an additional FX3G as a slave running another program at a different location for the other pumps. Then have 4x MOXA R1212 Remote IO's on the 485 network.

The manual you sent the link for is perfect for setting up the master and slave PLC's and also receiving/sending data between the master and slave. but i am a little confused by the addition of the MOXA units as slaves.

I understand you may not know the MOXA logic and i can work that out but how would i go about telling the master FX3G about the 4 remote IO's as slaves and reading/writing to them? is there a predefined set registers for reading/writing for each assigned slave? 

Any help or guidance is appreciated.

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For R1212 uou should use Modbus RTU Protocol to FX3U-485ADP-MB to communication with 4 Remote I/O Slave

When you communicate with ioLogik R1212 you should use Modbus Address that show value that you need to read

please see page 53 of below link.

For PLC Programming please check this manual (Modbus Instruction is in page 90)

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