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I've set up a range of comments as well as their Chinese Translations in separate columns in GT Designer3. How do I go about putting a selector on the HMI to switch the languages from the HMI? I've been having trouble finding out a clear way to do this. The manual didn't seem to help. 

When previewing the HMI, I can manually select the 2 separate languages and everything goes according to plan.
Has anyone had any experience with this that could help out a bit?

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No problem. It is very easy.

All you have to set-up the language switching device which can be a Got device or one from your PLC.
Than on your HMI screen make for instance a button and use this to set this word device  to 6 this means is lnaguage will switch to language 6

The language switching device can be found in your on your system Tab under enviromental settings


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