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Jay Anthony

From PM this morning

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Hi Jay:

                     I have been trying to modifying your Cx protocol Modbus RTU master cx protocol,


For the First part message send with fix message "010300060004A408"  Reading 4 register from 40007 to 40010


Now , I am trying to understand what you wrote "<a>+[03]+<l>+(W(1),*)+<c>"     My intention is to have a fix format of response message just like with start code and end code since i know i only need 4 register instead of "<a>+[03]+<l>+(W(1),*)+<c>" 

The Response should be 0103AAAABBBBCCCCDDDD+CRC , correct?

That mean,

1) <a>  is [01] Constant Hex in cx protocol.

2) [03] is the function code 03

3) <l> should be 16 bytes?

4)  W(1),*  can the wild card replace with 8 bytes of data?

How can I have a fixed response for the like this  XX+AAAABBBBCCCCDDDD+CRC?

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