et200sp modbus rtu Communication and Network structure

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Hello Experts!

Someone has expirience with et200sp modbus rtu? I would like to connect weight scale which has only Modbus RTU interface communication. I would like to connect two scales. My question is...I need two modbus modules? How to connect this to et200Sp CPU conntroller.

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Ok from the software site is pretty clear. My question is how to connect this physically. I have no experience with Modbus RTU Network, Profibus and etc. Always i use EthernetIP or Profinet. This what i know necessary is to buy extra modul for ET 200Sp. I can connect two devices to one module? I guess that i can connect one device to module than from fist device to second. Could you explain me this in easy way please :)

I found this example in the Internet . Could you confirm that is right?


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