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Issue with Maple Systems HMIs

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Hey all I'm having a couple of issues with a few Maple Systems HMI on a production floor that I'm working on. 

Issue 1: When uploading to a certain machine it uploads with my updated HMI, and in that lull before the data loads, it erases a few visual updates on the right hand side, and moves some stuff over. Oddly enough it leaves tag updates to all of the bar graph registers updated, meaning it's not doing like a full revert back to an earlier file. I'm lost on this one. Everything else works as desired.

Issue 2: One of the machines, when downloading, essentially "forgets" it's tags. I did a couple changes and went to download to it, and it said there were 50 something unaccounted for tags. I didn't add any of the tags it's mentioning. I went to test it by just uploading, and then downloading and it does the same thing. After reviewing the HMI none of the tags are actually utilized in the project from what I saw.

Any help on these things would be great.

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