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POE din rail switch

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Our standard managed network switch is a Stratix 5700 with a few 8300s. I need a recommendation for a DIN rail mount POE switch, instead of using the expensive Stratix expansion modules.

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Second for Red-Lion N-Trons.

I've had too many failures of the Stratix Switches, and they are significantly more expensive and quirky then the N-Tron's, so I've been swapping out the Stratix we have for N-Trons, and haven't had any issues.  Bonus is that the NTron switches boot up Much much faster than the Stratix switches, eliminating a lot of problems with system power cycles.

N-Tron has medium power direct POE switches, but for higher power devices, or just plain lots of them (PTZ Cameras for example), I do go ahead and just use the pass through injectors.


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