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CP1L range codes for AD042 (Solved)

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I have a problem with an analog input extention to the CP1L-E 40 I/O PLC. 

I am trying to configure AI 1 and 2 to 4-20 mA and no averaging. I figured the range code should be  #80AA and moved to CIO 102. And #8000 to CIO 103 since input 3 and 4 is unused. But when i try to read the analog value from CIO 2 and CIO 3 both of them shows 32767 (bit 15 is high) regardless of the transducer being connected or not. 

Is there anyone who can provide some insight to my problem?



Turns out the problem was in the hardware. Didn't notice you have to short V IN and I IN in order to use current input on the AD042.

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