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F500 series inverter

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F540 22KW

Cor, I've struggled with this.

Can anyone tell me what I am missing.

Customer bought a 2nd hand inverter as above (old one blew up) - asked me to fit it.


The operation is fairly simple;

Its for a centrifuge that acts like a huge spin dryer. 5 ton of wet yarn is placed into it and it is spun until all the water is gone (5 minutes)

All I need is 1 signal to STF (fwd) and I have linked this to the High speed terminal

So the operation is Ramp up for 30 seconds to 40HZ (a 22KW 400V standard motor)


Being second hand, I reset all held parameters to factory setting.

I have set all the ones I thought I needed (but I never found anywhere to tell the inverter what motor was connected or details from the name plate)

Nor did I find an autotune or anything like that.

I tried jog in local mode (5HZ) to check fwd direction and it ran perfectly

I then tried remote for ramp up to 40 HZ in 30 seconds and it struggled to start,

The display showed the HZ slowly moving up but at about 12HZ the motor was making nasty noises and tripped the over current (the motor was moving but struggling)

Any help with paraneters


Thank you










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Look Pr.14 select constant torque.

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