Read EF82 Analog Sensor - CP1E-N30DR-A with CP1W-MAD44

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Hi Everyone..I'm having hard time to read Analog Sensor. I've try to read the manuals about expansion module, but still having hard time to understand it.

My PLC is CP1E-N30DR-A connect with Expansion CP1W-MAD44 and I'm trying to connect with pressure sensor Omron E8F2-B10C that in a certain pressure will trigger to open a Digital Valve.

is there something wrong with my setting for range? I do the setting in 4-20mA (0-5V)

I attached my Program and Picture while running, the program is only for reading the pressure sensor. the result is  -600 to +600, is there a way to earn the actual result?

I've tried Scaling and APR, But didn't understand, is there a guide/tutorial for it as well?





CP1E-N30DR-A,CP1W-MAD44, EF82.jpg


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1. You're using "F" on channel 1. It should be "E" for 1-5 V input.

2. Remove the MOV D104 to 102. It clears your settings in 102.

3. Make sure you wire the signal to VIN1 and COM1 terminal


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