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I am working though some software and I came across NET II to NET10.

Within this software I have duplicated B's & W's with other PLC's in the network (Not assigned to that PLC).

Would this have any issues with the other PLC's and what is NET II? 

Many Thanks,

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You mean you have B and W in your program which are not assgined to that PLC ?
You have to look at your refresh settings to see which B and W are being copied to/from the network to/from the plc.



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So I have a list of which B and W are assigned to the different PLC's within the plant.

I have 4 PLC's which use the same B and W.

If you take a look at the attached file, my 4 PLC's use those same B and W.

This PLC has been assigned  2740-277F and as you can see this PLC isn't using that range.

Duplicate B and W.png

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Yes but the assigned part means you can write to those devices. You can read all the others (if they are refresched to your PLC).
The assigned ones are LB and LW (from the network) and they are refreshed (linked to B and W of the PLC).

I can explain it oin more detail  if you post the master config settings and refresh settings.

Let's say you have one network and you refresh B0 - BFF to LB0-LBFF. This means that the network bits LB0 = B0 but not B100 and up.
So you can set this up for all 4 plc'.  

Now from the all LB in the network the master has set which PLC can write to them the other are read. So it can be that

PLC1 can write to LB0-LBf
PLC2 can write to LB10 -LB1F
PLC3 can write to LB20-LB2F

But they can all read (L)B0-(L)BFF

Now you have two networks so melsecnet ii is probably set up to the first B and W and Melsecnet 10 is refreshed on the higher B and W.
The program above probably just reads some netwrok data from melsecnet II and copiues this to Melsecnet 10.
This can also be done with the interlink parameters








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