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Hello everybody,

I did a search on this item but with no results, so...


I am programming with GX developer, an a1scpu.

In the program I use the Z and V index register to move some value in D's. I saw dat these Z and V were already in use, ( made by a predecessor,)

so I tried Z1 and V1 instead, but with no succes; I got an error:

Device setting is wrong.The following causes maybe responsible:
An unusable device has been desinated.
Index modification,module specification setting is wrong.
Special function module device,link direct device setting is wrong.

I guess that the a1scpu does not support Z... and V...


Q: Is this the case, or am I doing something wrong?


Many thanks!

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You have an A1S so you only have one V and Z.

Just move your current Z value to a D and mov it back in the end. Also store it your Z value so you can move  it back when this sequence starts again



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