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Siemens 1200 going into STOP mode

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Dear All,


Hello everyone! Been a few years since posting on this forum but I have a question and though that one of you might be able to help.

We have a Siemens 1200 on a ship and every now and again the PLC goes into STOP mode. I'm not sure the reason why it does this but I believe it may be due to a power outage or power surge, maybe it think that a card is not present or something. In any case, it means I have to go and visit the ship, plug in my TIA Portal V12, go to online and click RUN CPU.

My question, is, is there a way to program the PLC so that under no circumstance the CPU will go into STOP mode? Can I maybe use a OB to force it to always stay in RUN mode even if it sees hardware errors?

Thanks for any input.




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