Replacing a CP 341=RS422/485 module

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I'm having issues with my S7 rack communicating via modbus to another device which is the master.

I'm a total noob at this and I would like to change out the modbus card in the rack(6ES7 341-1CH01-0AE0).

My question is, do I just simply swap the module, looking in the hardware manager of my project, I can see that the card has specific parameters,A

re these stored on the PLC and will just simply be written when the rack powers up or do I need to program it?

If I need to program it, how would I go about it?

Also, is there any specific tool in Simatic Manager that I could use to check that the modbus card hardware is operating correctly and the comms are stable?

Thanks in advance, Colin

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If anyone is interested, I just swapped the dongle and fitted the card and it worked like a dream.

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