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Does anyone have any suggestions for a simple wall stat do send a discrete input to a PLC based on a desired set point?  I am thinking of a simple line stat and using the contacts to send a discrete input to the plc.

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Every yard sale I've ever been to has a box of junk including an old mechanical residential wall thermostat; probably working, just replaced with a programmed setback type.

As long as the temperature range is adequate, then use a residential thermostat.  If the temperature range is outside that of a residential T-stat, there are dozens of cheap single loop temperature controllers with a relay output that will run on-off like a thermostat.   You'll need a foot of J, K, or T thermocouple wire, too.  All are powered devices, but so is your PLC.  Ebay is your friend.

Many are sold by people who have no idea what they are, so it's up to you to know what you're buying.  You need to know how to decode the model number to make sure it has an electromechanical relay that you can use with your PLC DI. 

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