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I am communicating with a Kinetix 300, a Powerflex 525, and a Micrologix 1100 via Ethernet/IP using MSG instructions.  They are all linked through a Stratix 2000 un-managed hub.

Everything works fine...most of the time.  Every once in a while I will get a MSG error.  Often happens on startup.  I have written the logic so that it will continue to attempt communication until the error goes away.  It usually does after a few minutes.  Sometimes the error is while trying to communicate with the Powerflex but more often it is with the Kinetix 300.

I even tried to eliminate the hub and just direct connect the ML1100 to the Kinetix 300 with an extra cable that I had.  Still got the random error.  Again it corrected itself but I really can't have that happen for no apparent reason.

I know that you don't know the exact situation but I wondered if someone might have an idea about what it might be?

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You're using a Micrologix so I'm assuming you're using RSLogix500. The Instruction Help for MSG lists the error codes and their meaning. I just looked, looks like there are about 50 different error codes with different meanings so maybe this can help you narrow it down. Try to be online with the PLC at startup so you can catch the exact error code when this issue happens.


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