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FX2N 4AD-TC Resolution

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I'm just setting up a test rig on my bench to alter an existing program for a huge drying room.

At present they are using electrical heaters and fans to circulate hot air but are changing this to 2 gas burners.

They are making a special product that needs an even temperature through the curing process.

I have programmed in 2 Thermocouples to the FX2N-4AD-TC and I have converted the signals to the correct temperature.

However, when the temperature rises and falls the digital temperature number jumps past degrees 

IE: - reading 20C then 24C then 28C with no inbetween C

How do I alter the resolution to read C in 1 degree at a time.

I need this as I am going to write a sort of PID on site to go between high fire and low fire to hold the correct temperature 

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What settings have you used?

Type K or J thermocouple?

Are you reading from buffer memory 5 to 8 or 9 to 12?

Can you post some code?


From the manual:

Buffer Memory BFMs #9 to #12 and #17 to #20: Present temperature

These BFMs store the present value of the input data. This value is stored in units of 0.1°C or 0.1°F,

but the resolution is only 0.4°C or 0.72°F for Type K and 0.3°C or 0.54°F for Type J


The manual for this one is actuall quite good.

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