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I'm trying to upload from pvplus to our company laptop. I can't find rslinxenterprise after i started Me transfer utility. Am I doing it wrong? IP address is for Pvplus. I can see it on Rslinx Classic. Please see attached jpeg image.




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In RSLinx Enterprise, you have to manually add each node from within View Studio. In the project explorer, select the "Communications" tab at the bottom. Right-click on the "EtherNet" driver and select "Add Device". In the dialog box, find the PV+ under "EtherNetIP Devices. Select the one with the firmware closest to your PV, but it doesn't have to be exact. In the "Device Properties" dialog that pops up, you can change the name if you want or leave it alone. Enter the IP address and click "OK". It should show up in the transfer utility now.

Be aware that you can upload the runtime file but if it's lower than version 5, or if the developer locked it, you won't be able to decompile or edit it. You can only transfer it to another HMI.

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