Finding a Panelview Tag in the PLC

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I have the .mer file for a PanelView program, but not the associated files / folders to actually look under the hood and edit it

The PanelView program is live right now and is getting data from one of the PLC programs in the building

I can look on the panelview and see a value that I want to search for

How do I search for a value inside of Logix Designer?

I have the Controller Tags open and I can search for items based on Name, Alias, Base Tag, Description, and Type 

I don't see anything that will let me search for value despite being able to filter by the value of the tags


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Don't search for the value. Search for the tag name. 


If you must search for the value, you can try it by pressing ctrl F, and enter the value in the search box? Not in controller tags, but out in the ladder window.

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Not all .mer files can be decompiled, only starting with v5 (I'm 90% sure) and only if the developer checked "allow conversion" when compiling the runtime.

If you can't restore the runtime project or get access to the source code, it should be enough to sort the tags by value and find that value pretty quickly in the tag database. Be sure to check all tag folders including the controller tags and the program-scoped tags for all programs.

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Posted (edited)

The restore was a success, but the tags are version 6.10 so I need to use a Legacy Tag Database Conversion Utility tool
I found this forum post online:

Looks like you need a TechConnect account
I'm pretty sure my company has a contact at Rockwell so I can get an answer in a few days

I am still not sure how to do a search for a specific value though
There is a [...] box on the "Find in Routines" search window that I haven't messed with yet
Otherwise I think I checked all the basic search functions

Edits: Thanks for the helps so far! 

Edited by OwensRyan
added a thank u

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