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Loading a CSV file into an Omron PLC

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Hi everyone, 

I want to send a CSV file via host link protocol (OMRON PLC CJ1M). 

Is that possible ? if So , how can i do it ? 

i don't a have a single CSV file , i need to load a csv file into the PLC everytime we change the product incoming in the automatic insertion machine , how can i do that automatically without human intervention 

Thank you


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Host link is for controller data, not for files.  There are a variety of ways you can send data into the controller.  How much data are you looking to send.

You say without human intervention.  How do you intend to tell the PLC what file to load if you have multiple files?

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Thank you for your response .

the files i want to send contain coordinates where the machine head should go down , and this depends on the type of product present , this product is detected by a proximity sensor and the information is automatically sent to the pc via RS232 .

Actually there is an application that take the decision of what is the file that should be sent without human intervention , only an execution in the first of a cicle is required , unfortunately i don't have the source code .

Thank you .

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