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32 minutes ago, Joe E. said:

Here's a link to the KB article mentioned above:

You should be able to download the SCP AOI for Logix 5000 from there. I rolled my own (since I didn't know RA had one already available) for scaling the analog signal from Flex IO, which doesn't allow scaling inside the module configuration. If  you're trying to scale the signal from an analog module that supports, it, it's a LOT simpler and cleaner to do the scaling in the module configuration. If your module doesn't support that, or if you're scaling something else, the AOI should work for you.

Thanks @Joe E.. Where do you save that download to?

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I haven't used it before, so I don't know for sure. I suspect the zip file has an L5K file inside. If so, un-zip it. You would then import it into your project. To do that, right-click on the "Add-On Instructions" folder in the controller organizer and select "Import Add-On Instruction...". Navigate to where you un-zipped the L5K file and import it. If there aren't any errors, you can then drag the AOI onto a rung in your code and use it.

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