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Hello Friends


I need to do a small change in a FP-X C30RD, I am not sure which software to use, We do not have previous backup.

This control also has a COM3 card and a AFPX-EFP0 card.

I have uploaded the program in FPWIN-GR 2.940 and FPWIN PRO 7

In FPWIN GR, the default view is ladder, the program is uploaded OK, but I see several networks with a "Impossibe to Draw /The program includes errors)", so I am not sure if I need something else.

In FPWIN PRO, I use New Project from PLC, but I get an Error in communication: Information in the comment memory is incorrect, so I use upload program code and PLC configuration, then select Upload program code into program code editor, the program code is uploaded OK, but in the Project tree in the POUs section I do not see anything, above in PLC I can see the program code in instruction list.

Is it not posible to cahnge to ladder?

Shoul I see the program in POUs?

How can I upload the program correctly?

Which software should I use?


Thnaks in advance.






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Since no one else has responded, I will suggest what I've experienced. I had a similar issue with FPWIN. It turned out the PLC was originally programmed with an older programming package. I don't remember the name. FPWIN was not compatible but you could upload with some errors (I don't remember the errors). Then you could download with FPWIN and the program (PLC) would be updated. After that you can make whatever changes you wish.

If I were you, I would call tech support to confirm the errors you are getting. My experience with their tech support was good.

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