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Hello. We do not know well in English, so I help through google translator. Sorry.
We are working. PLC Siemens S7 200 CPU 214 and ESA VT60 display. The problem is in communication between PLC and HMI. It is not. The cable is made, but this cable is for the CPU 224. How can I be properly connected and what kind of cable can I use? FTP / UTP? On the PLC side is the profibus connector on the HMI 25Pin. In the case of resistors according to the scheme: page 925 25pin to 9pin, or plug in as it is on page 884?

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Hello Marek25,
Your HMI - VT60 
must have a MPS and a 25 pin Canon socket.  The cable must have a twisted pair of 2x0.5 shielded. The scheme for your case is on page 925. Resistors are 0.25 watts and can be soldered directly to the socket.  Realize also a bridge of terminals 4 and 5 as well as terminals 15 and 18. It is desirable that the cable is less than 50 meters in length. Check the specified PLC and HMI addresses.

For SIMATIC S7 200 Address of CPU = 1 - 126.

The schematic on page 884 is for an inverter SIMOVERT.  It has a RS232 serial port and the connection for this is different from PLC SIEMENS S7 200.

Good luck!


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