cp1e CP1E RS232 communication to my weighing

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hello, i want to connect CP1E to EK300i (weighing scale) with RS232 communication.

i attach file of datasheet ek300i, wiring CP1E to ek300i and my cx programmer. if i push send data on ek300i, com LED indicator in CP1E is on.

and i dont know why my cx programmer can't change data of memory with data from ek300i?

what should i do?



CP1E to EK300i rs232 communication (belum dicoba).cxp

CP1E to EK300i rs232 communication (belum dicoba).opt

wiring rs232 ek300i to CP1E (belum dicoba).txt

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Your issue is with the "End Code" settings in your RS-232C settings menu. Currently it is set to "Received Bytes of 256 Bytes". This means the "Reception Complete Flag" (A392.06) will not turn On, unless it managed to receive a total of 256 bytes, thus the RXD will never be called.

If you look at the EK's manual page 22 (25 of PDF total page), you'll find the "Terminator" info which are CR,LF. These are typical End Codes used for RS-232C that informs the receiving device like PLC that EK has send the last part of it's data.

So, you just need to change your "End Code" settings from Received Bytes to the "CR,LF" one, then download all programs and settings. Restarting the PLC Power after downloading might be required to make sure the new settings is implemented. You mentioned that when the PRINT button is pressed in EK, the LED in CP1E blinks, so I believe the wiring is already correct.

PS : Buruan dicoba :D

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