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I have a question about homing a Kinetix 300 servo drive.  I am attempting to run this drive in position mode.  The servo motor is connected to a ball screw which in turn is connected to a slide with a tool mounted to it.  I need to define a home position before I can give a position for the motor to travel to.  There appear to be several homing options in the book but they all require motion to a switch or a marker on the encoder.  My method would be touching off the tool and then defining that point as my home position.  I was thinking of jogging back and forth until I reached the point that I wanted to call home and then pressing a "home switch"  


The only method that I see that does not require movement prior to homing is method 35.  This is "immediate homing"  This will happen as soon as I enable the drive though.  That might not be correct.  Is there a way that I can use the immediate home method but specify when it will take place?  Is there another method that I am missing?

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If this application has a servo motor with absolute encoder feedback, the Kinetix 300 servo controller supports homing to absolute position (a defined soft limit position).  Otherwise, this controller requires a hard limit.  Absolute homing is the only homing position stored after power cycle.

Homing Method 35 may be your best solution - this ASSUMES the servo is in the home position and goes from there.  So, after power cycle, if using this homing method, where it sits is where is home.  There is no way around it.

One of the major issues with this application for you will be accumulative error.  Without a defined home location to reset position to, one can wind up with position values being way off and the machine suffering possible mechanical damage.  For that you really need a hard home limit switch or an absolute encoder motor.

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