Omron NX connection to Mitsubishi PLC IEP

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Has anyone over connected and configured an Omron plc via Ethernet or EIP to a Mitsubishi PLC?   Our vendor is trying to retrofit our mitsu robot system and is integrating an NX series Omron.  They only need 1 word of data each way, but are unfamiliar.

Any help or resources would be appreciated. 


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Last I looked Mitsubishi has only one EIP solution. It looked more like a data collection system processor and is probably a very expensive solution. I haven't heard of anyone (even in the Mitsubishi forums) using it.

We plan on doing this in the near future. We were looking the the AnyBus CC Link to EIP gateway. Haven't tested it yet but I have used other AnyBus gateways and they're pretty easy to use.

If you're really adventurous, the Omron NE1A (Safety PLC) manual has Mitsubishi Ladder code to read EIP data from it. This is a canned solution specifically for those products. Again, if you're really adventurous. We're probably going to use the AnyBus.

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