How to make easy "SFC" code sequencing in Sysmac Studio ?

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I have : Omron NJ501-1320 PLC , NS12-TS01-V2 HMI , and Sysmac Studio 1.18

I need to make to work with Omron NJ501 a wood window producer machine just like in belove Video :


You can download and see the Electrical Schematic of my old unfunctional machine  from the belove link :


What do you think ? It's so complicated ? It's hard to make the Omron NJ501 automatization for this machine ? The Electrical Schematic have #200 pages .


The machine have : 128 Input / 128 Output ( 64 Input / 64 Output in Big Electric Panel and 64 Input / 64 Output in Small Electric Panel , in the side of machine - please look attached pictures ) , 1S 200W 200AC Servodriver + Servomotor , 2 incremental line driver ( 5V TTL ) encoder and 5 Lenze inverters .In attached picture you can see a schematic of machine automatization what i need to make it with Omron NJ and Sysmac Studio . I'm not familiar with Sysmac Studio , and i don't know how to make the "SFC" ( sequential function chart ) , what by Sysmac Studio it's called : State Chart ( Stateflow  / State Machine )

In attached picture you can see it how "complicate" or easy it's the whole automatization what i'll need to make it with Omron NJ501 plc .

Right now the old machine ( from 1995 year ) have : Siemens Simatic S5 115U CPU945 plc , Interbus communication , Seidel Digifas 7201 analog Servodriver , and 2 Siemens positioning cards .

I know the Sysmac Studio doesn't make SFC . CX-Programmer can make it . Mathlab Simulink PLC Coder can generate STL code for Sysmac Studio .

Question : What's the most easyest way to make code sequencing in Sysmac Studio ? To coding manually the STL code it's hard .

How to make it this in Ladder ? Where can i find a concret example ( demo / tutorial ) how to make the code sequencing ( events ) ?

I know , in Sysmac Studio this it's called : "States" and "Transitions"

I looking for to understand how to make easy the : Stateflow / State Chart in Sysmac Studio


Where i need to begin to make it easy ? I'm totally newbie with Sysmac Studio .

I've read it in many posts , than if you will understand Sysmac Studio , than it's more easy to use even than the "old" CX-Programmer . Sysmac Studio it's tottaly different from CX-Programmer , and can't be compared the two platform .

Please don't tell me to : "give up , and looking for someone who know to use Sysmac Studio "

If you can help me with informations , example , demo / tutorials : with "SFC" making in Sysmac Studio please post it here .

The machine isn't a Robot , it have just a single 1S Servodriver , and that servodriver does just a simple linear mouvement from : left to right and invers .

The Servodriver just setup the horizontal position of wood piece from window profil . That's all what i have with Servodriver to do .

In rest i have 2 motors ( 15kw and 3kw ) which it's dived by Lenze inverters , and this motors have 2 incremental encoders ( TTL 5V Line driver encoder ) which make the " Numerical Control " .


I've read it many posts about : SFC and Sysmac Studio :


I have a method that I have settled into after 20+ years of programming. I use the same method regardless of what type of Omron PLC (CP1L, CJ2M, CS1, NJ, etc) I am using. I define a register (or Tag in the case of the NJ) as a 'sequencer'. On startup, I move a value of &100 into the sequencer. That indicates that I am in a power up state, but nothing has happened yet. From there, I use comparison (=) instructions to check the current state, and MOV instructions to command the next state. I always start out incrementing my sequencer values by 20, so I can easily add steps in between. This makes debug very simple. If your machine gets 'stuck', you can look at the sequencer and see where it is stuck. It also makes jumping back to previous steps for 'retry' operations very simple. If I have subprocesses (robotic interface, etc), I spawn a subsequencer (different register) and use comparisons to determine when the subsequencer is finished.



 I use ladder for the majority of the code sequencing and ST (Inline) for math and text manipulation.

The techs I work with love it. The bigger challenge is the training to use SYSMAC Studio.

















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photo 2.JPG

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