Temperature control on Mitsubishi FX PLC

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Hi guys

I am trying to change the setpoints on a PT100 that i have in a tank that is controlling a process. I am using GX works software and the temperature control module is an FX3U 4AD. The thing is i am a novice at this and i am not sure how to navigate through the software to find this or how to begin. The PT100 is using 3 setpoints to heat and cool a process 110 degrees c then 100 and then to 80 i just want to change the 110 to 100 but i am not sure how to go about this. Also this PLC is connected to a HMI display. I know this may sound silly but i was expecting to see the values somewhere in the program ie. 110c 100c 80c. but all i see are the M8000 etc and dont know how they relate to the setpoints


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This manual would be a good place to start,

Analogue manual

(if possible could you upload the program here so we can advise?)


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