How to read and write in PLC register true an mobile device

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Hi all,

I have some questions, but my Englisch is not very good. I will try to do my best ;-)

I want to develop a small (and cheap) control cabinet witch is prepared for multiple setup configurations.
The same cabinet is usable in some different setups.
I want to wire the cabinet completely for all options, and program all possible options in the PLC.

Then the customer can mount the cabinet by himself and configure it true an mobile device.
So the customer can acces some settings in the PLC true an user friendly mobile app or webbased page.
(settings are level settings, timer setpoints, type of sensor witch is connected (analog/digital) and so on)


  • -(Cheap) PLC
  • -8 digital in, 8 digital out, 1 analog in 4-20mA
  • -PLC needs an ethernet port
  • -prefer programmable by function block or text
  • -Parameters accessible by webbrowser/or own created app. (write and read in PLC register)
  • -Connection between PLC and mobile device must be switched on and off. (security/no unautoritized access)
  • -Connection true WiFi or bluetooth if possible?


  1. -Are there people who has done something before?
  2. -What brand / type PLC is possible for this?
  3. -What type of connection is adviced between PLC and mobile device? (bluetooth, wifi or something else?
  4. -What kind of coupling is adviced? (app or HTML webpage)
  5. -How to create an good security? (Access to device for autoritized persons only, PLC not discoverable for others)

Can someone help me with some advice?


Best regards,


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1) i have developed Mobile app (I-phone)  and software (special purpose) for PLC /Microcontroller Register read/write.

2) i think any brand PLC you can use

3) what's your requirement is important just use converters.

4) Depend on Cost you can use both

5)Access can be programed, PLC not discoverable????

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Look at tm241 or 251 plc from schneider. Or most codesys based plc have web visualization. You write plc code and build pages that can control the logic like a scada or hmi.

If on a wifi you can then just type in the address on your mobile devices internet browser.

There are lots of security features available etc.

There are a lot of videos on youtube regarding somachine (schneider) web vizu or codesys web vizu.


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cHud is correct...CoDeSys-based PLCs, such as Wago, have internal web servers built in.  You can build HMI webpages that are viewable on your smartphone.  If your cabinet includes a WiFi router, you can easily set up smartphone communication.  

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