C-More HMI Audio out?

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I have not much experience with C-more HMIs, I have read in the user manual that it is possible to reproduce .wav sounds

I need to reproduce a different full mp3 song every hour, I know that I need to convert to .wav with its specs, connect an amplifier and speakers.

I am thinking in a EA9-T7CL, I have not bought yet. Maybe yo could recommend another HMI. Maybe for mp3 files or better price.

I have converted a mp3 file to .wav from 4.91MB to 34MB with the specs in the user manual.

At C-more software I have added the event sound with this sound without problem, but before to buy the HMI...

Do you know if is it possible to reproduce full songs with this HMI?

Thanks a lotwink.gif

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