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Wonderware runtime v10;1

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just signed up for this site. I am a little new to wonderware . I have been able to purchase development license for v9 with the runtime license also. I also have v10.0 and v10.1 and just recently I  acquired v2012 with a development license. I have been trying to find a runtime license for v10.0.or 10.1. but so far I have not found one. a new runtime is about 4k dollars. I am a retired support technician. now I do some phone support and some small intergration work. does anyone out there have a runtime license to swap or trade for something that they  need for traning. I have a large inventory  that myself and friends have used to train and move on in the automation field. we all at one time want to learn and get better at what we do and some times we cannot because of the cost to learn. I have helped many to do this, so I hope no one takes offense at this request  Thanks Rick

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