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I'm beginner in programming PLC and I need to use controller delta DVP-12SS2 connected
 via RS485 to touch screen (display)  delta B03S211.
I download some screens with buttons to display.
I looking for some example  in  IL language (or ladder diagram perhaps helps too) to
solve communication between controller and display to change active screen and
then read some values from buttons.
I use ISPsoft and DPSoft.


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Hi vasabi.

The delta HMIs and PLCs are both defaulted to the same serial settings for easy of communication, if you need to change the comms settings just look through the help file for special registers and you will find the settings you need (help\PLC instruction and special registers reference), start looking at M1120 for comm port functions. You need to make sure that you are using the correct cable connection between the PLC and HMI, correct polarity as well as the correct port on the HMI. By default port 1 is set to RS232 and port 2 to RS485. once you have the communication sorted the tags for your buttons will work.

To have the HMI screen change controlled by the PLC  go to options/configuration in DopSoft then select the Control Block tab. you will see two check boxes with "Screen No" next to them. the first one is your control variable the second is the status.

Here is the link to the connection guide from Delta: use figure "e" on page 2.

If you are still struggling let me know.




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