Time Synchronization RSlogic 5573

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Hi All,

On our plant, we are using one Rockwell  PLC model 5573 with HMI(Allen Bradley 1500P).

I am automation engineer but I did not work on the Rockwell PLC.

Now I am planning to install the GPS clock on our plant. And I want clock will synchronize our Rockwell plc as well.

Could someone advice what is the best option for this model to do the time synchronization.


Thanks in Advance,

Warm Regards/Waqar

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In order to modify the PLC program, you will need Studio5000 software with RSLinx setup on your development PC.  No PLC programming software, no PLC program changes.

PLC master date/time registers can be manipulated (to synchronize to an external clock) via use of the SSV (Set System Variable) function block.

Attached is a similar example in which the HMI was used as the master time clock, but the PLC modifications will be the same.

Work Instruction - Allen-Bradley Synchronize PLC date-time with PanelViewPlus.doc

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I'd suggest you just use the "Logix 5000 Clock Update Tool" to set a schedule, and sync the PLC's to a computer that updates from the GPS.  Much simpler, and no program changes required.

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