NEWBIE-Fx3u LED ERROR (BLINKING) error no.6564

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The fx3u plc suddenly gives an error. Unfortunately we dont have the back up program,so i upload using gx developer and diagnos the plc, it gives parameter error and link error 2. I notice that in the program there are yellow highlight in the ladder,it means what?Im totally new here in mitsubishi plc. 
We already request the backup program of the machine,in the meantime what can i do?

Thank you

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Does you PLC have a CC-Link module attached? This is a module that allows the PLC to talk to other PLC's or control remote I/O.


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I wouldn't worry about the Yellow. you are probably looking at the program in ladder.

The ladder convertion can only convert a certain amount of lines in one rung as more have been programmed in for instance instruction list the part in ladder is shown in Yellow.
It could also be that a part is programmed in ladder which can;e be converted into ladder.
It could also be that  statements(line texts) have been programmed in instruction list that would be inside the ladder rung. this can also then not be converted.

You can check the code via instruction list to see what the problem is.

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