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Industrial plant electrical issue

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Wondering if anyone can give me some ideas here:  We had a couple, what we are guessing, electrical surges in the past week.  These surges have taken out a half dozen robots servo controllers each time.  We have the electric company hooking up to monitor to see if it is an external issue or internal, as well as getting an electrician in to check things out.   Meanwhile, while our maintenance was checking things out, there is pair of receptacles tied to  a single bus.  Each receptacle is individually fused (3 phase- 3 fuses).  One feeds to the robot, the other is not hooked to anything.  1 of the fuses was blown in the unused receptacle after both instances of the electrical surges.   Our maintenance confirmed there is no short to ground, so I don't see how a  fuse which is completely open could blow without some sort of short to ground.  Any ideas?  

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