Panasonic FP-X C30T and FPWIN Pro 7

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Hello guys. I have a machine with the above mentioned PLC and I have FPWIN Pro 7. I just need to investigate (monitor) the program to find a certain condition for a servo command. I don’t have any previous experience with this PLC and FPWIN environment.

First of all, after uploading the program, it is displayed in structured list (ST) and not in ladder logic (LD) which I’m used to. Is it possible to switch it to LD? I can’t find such an option there. If not, is there any guide I could quickly “get my bearings”?

I couldn’t even find out how to switch on something like device monitor. Where is this feature hidden?

When I uploaded the program and wanted to switch on the monitor mode, a message popped up saying something about an “old version” and if I want to convert (or compile?) it. When I agreed it said there were some mistakes in the process.

Any help appreciated.

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You can not monitor or make changes unless the software version matches the processor version. You'll have to get the matching version of software (I believe the older software is under a different name). The alternative is to compile the project, resolve the errors then download. I wouldn't recommend this as you wouldn't be able to go back. I called tech support on the same issue and they didn't recommend it if I didn't need to change anything.

If the program was written in Structured Text, then that is what it is. You can not simply switch it to look like ladder. This is the same for all IEC compliant software.

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