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Hi all,

i am planning to work on a project where 50-60 AC/DC motors are to be started on pre-determined time & sequence.

this is to be done with the help of a PLC ( + HMI optional)

Now can somebody provide me some help on the correct sizing of the PLC or suggest me the best PLC or Expansion modules which will accomplish the task. 

secondly the PLC must be available ( or made available ) in INDIA.

earlier i have programmed the PLC for NC / CNC hydraulic programming is not a problem...! 

any suggestion or help is appreciated.


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Not going to do your work for you but have a look at the m340 from schneider electric.(My preference)

But there are many makes and models you could use. ABB,Siemens,Rockwell,Omron etc

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Considering about 3-4 digital inputs and 1-2 digital outputs per motor you will have around 240-360 I/Os. You can have something else depending on your case (AI for example). In any case for this amount of signals you have many options from most manufacturers: Siemens (S7-300 for example), Rockwell (have a look to ControlLogix), Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi, etc.

You need a medium size PLC.

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