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I am New to Siemens and running S7-300. Trying to set-up Data Collection from S7 to Excel. Can anyone help?

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Hi, sorry to hijack your old post. 

I have downloaded ASComm Excel Add-in and trying to read from an S7-1200 CPU.

I keep getting errors. The help file doesn't explain in enough detail how to setup the software, anyone have any experience using this?

The error I am seeing is 'Invalid. Object reference not set to an instance of an object'.

All i'm trying to do is read MB100 as a test on an IP of on a S7-1214C CPU. Can go online without issue using TIA.

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The runtime configuration application has the ability to read/write values directly, so you can use it to verify your setup prior to loading the configuration file in ASComm Excel Add-in.

The configuration app should provide detailed error descriptions in the event viewer if there is a problem. Select the 'Values View' toolbar button to enable data collection in the config app (see image).

If you are still having a problem, email a support request to 'support @' (remove spaces) and include your configuration file in the e-mail.

I did a quick test here and do not have a problem accessing MB100 on S7-1200 (see image)




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