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I am very new to the Mitsubishi PLC world (I have a lot of experience with A/B and Omron though).  I am having an issue trying to assign comments to an array of Globally scoped bits - I am also using Structured Ladder - NOT simple ladder.  Is it possible to do this?  I have contacted there tech support group and they were of little help.  I don't care if I update the label comment or the device comment, I just want to assign a simple comment that can be displayed (i.e. I am using this for step sequences).


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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You cannot assign comments inside the array (e.g. arrayName[0] = no comment, arrayName[9] = no comment). However arrayName = comment.

I think you are asking for number 1. Why would you assign names to elements inside the array? Why would you like to have different comments on different array elements? The point of arrays are exactly to have one uniform collection of devices that end up in the variable name "arrayName"... If you assign a comment for the "header" of the array this comment (the comment of the header) will show up everywhere in your code even if you use arrayName[0].

If you want the comment to show as a tooltip, go to "Tool->Options" then open "Program Editor->Structured Ladder/FBD/ST/IL->ToolHint". There you can setup which tooltips are displayed when you hover the mouse over a variable name.


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