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Distributed Safety Acceptance Test

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Is there a manual or guide that details the acceptance test procedure? Customer requires System Acceptance Test on their automation cell with safety PLC (CPU 319-F PN/DP). How is this test performed? The Distributed Safety Engineering class manual and SIMATIC Industrial Software S7 Distributed Safety Programming and Operating Manual give some information, but not enough to say an acceptance test has been performed. For example, section 11.2.2 of the Programming and Operating Manual, page 317, point #3 states "Check whether the version of S7 Distributed Safety used to compile the safety program corresponds to the version in Annex 1 of the Certification Report". Where is this Certification Report? I have found a Annex 1 of the Report to the Certificate Z10 09 07 67803 004 Safety-Related Programmable Systems SIMATIC S7 F/FH Systems Report No.: SN73321C-A1 Revision 3.18 dated 2014-03-21. Is this the correct report? Section 11.2.1 of the Programming and Operating Manual, page 315, point #1 states "Check the parameters of the F-CPU in the printout." And point #2 states "Check the safety-related parameters of all configured F-I/O in the printout." What are these parameters being checked against?

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