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RIO PROBLEM - 1747-ASB With 1746-NO8I

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Please Note - I have tried this configuration with multiple cards, multiple adapters in different racks, etc. to rule out any hardware issues..... Additionally, I have tried every possible dip switch configuration on the 1747-ASB..... I have a controllogix chassis communicating with a DHRIO card to 1 rack (logical rack #1) with a 1747-ASB module. In my latest setup, I have just the one analog output card installed in the 1747 chassis. Whenever I establish communication to the ASB, the status light on the NO8i flashes, indicating insufficient 24V. Note that when there is a noc light on the ASB, the light on the I/O card stays solid. It only goes to fault condition when the ASB goes to run status. Again this happens in every conceivable hardware scenario I have. I have even setup the analog card to use external, not rack power and the same thing. Consequently, I have BTW commands in my controllogix and they are not erroring out, indicating that they are sending data, however, I never get any millamps out on the output card. I am completely perplexed. Anyone ever seen this????

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