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RSLogix 5000 Compare Tool

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Hi, I want to use RSLogix 5000 Compare Tool as the preferred tool in MDT AutoSave scheduled compares. Problem is that it comes up with some useless differences. I see a mask function inside the tool, but I can't keep some masks there by default. How do I solve this? I suppose one way is to have default masks, I just don't know how. I stumbled across a config file that might be able to do this. It is the parser.config and it contains definitions of excluded members. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Config> <!-- This is the highest major L5K revision supported by the compare program. --> <L5kMajorRev>2</L5kMajorRev> <L5kMinorRev>3</L5kMinorRev> <!-- This section defines members of structures that should not be compared. Examples of what to list here are values that will typically change during day to day operations such as status codes, input and output values, etc. Structures can be Logix predefined structures or user defined types. Hidden members do not need to be listed here since they are not compared. Definitions of all the Logix data types can be found in the file ControlLogixStructures.xml --> <ExcludedMembers> <DataType DataType="ALARM"> <Members> <Member Name="EnableIn"/> <Member Name="In"/> <Member Name="EnableOut"/> <Member Name="Status"/> </Members> </DataType> <DataType DataType="COUNTER"> <Members> <Member Name="ACC"/> </Members> </DataType> <DataType DataType="TIMER"> <Members> <Member Name="ACC"/> </Members> </DataType> </ExcludedMembers> </Config> I just can't find the stated ControlLogixStructures.xml for the correct syntax of what to add. I attach a copy of a compare report containing the "useless" differences. These are two typical differences that I encounter. I have no idea what the first controller properties mode differences is, but its existence does not influence me. The second seems to be an input/output buffer in the I/O module that comes up as I difference. Of course the I/O changes, doesn't have to be a differemce. Any help to ignore these differences will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, CompareReport.pdf

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