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Chris Elston

Looking for a vb guru

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I am using an Acuity Visionscape Express Vision System board in an NT 4.0 SP6 box. I am not a VB guru by no means, but here is what I am trying to do. The Vision board comes with some standard Active X controls which are pretty slick. One of the calls is I can read and write to a "virtual I/O" point. I'd like to monitor an OUTPUT from one of these virtual I/O points to trigger an event in my own VB code. Trouble is, since VB is event driven, the virtual I/O point on the vision board is not driven by a user, but rather the board itself. So my question is, is there an VB events or controls I can use that can monitor another Active X control for change of state? Here was my two thoughts: 1. Make an event triggered timer, this would act as a "heartbeat" I assume. After each timer expire, run the subroutine to "read" what the state of the virtual I/O point is on the vision board. This would work, but I'd rather trigger an event on change of state from the virutal I/O point. 2. Somehow read the virtual I/O point in "realtime" to a lblMyVirtualPoint.Caption. Then use the event On_Change to trigger my change of state subrountine. Any thoughts or suggestion? Or pointers in the direction along the lines of some control or active x component I can use to monitor or do some "realtime" monitoring?

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