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  1.    Have 10 POE Analog Input Modules available on clearance  10/20-channel Voltage Input, Current Input, & Analog Input Module with High Voltage Protection PoE Module, communicable over Modbus TCP and Modbus UDP    Model Number PET-7017-10     Regular price $459.00/EA    Clearance price $344.25/EA   only good on clearance quantity only.      
  2. Good day, I have Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC with few I/O cards, there are 5 analog output cards amongst them. Today one of the analog cards does not provide more then 3.8 Volt on the outputs. Any voltage between 0 and 3.8 V is supplied correctly, whereas anything above it results in 3.8 V only. The card does not report any errors to PLC. Other cards do not have this problem. The PLC was running non-stop for couple of years and yesterday it was turned off for an hour. The problem started right after this. I have checked the module settings and verified that the output is not limited to 3.8V Can anyone give any advice in regards to this situation?